About me

My name is Hussein Saqer, I am a founder and General Manager of H & AL Technologies LLC, company based in UAE. I left the big engineering company and founded my own company in 2020, when the COVID crisis and quarantine reached its peak. It was a hard time and for some my colleagues my decision looked like a suicide. But I have never regret about although I am still struggling for success of my business.

The reason which motivates me is a freedom for my professional and personal development. To explain this, I am starting to post here some my ideas, facts and real-life situations.

I am an engineer with profound experience in engineering, servicing of multifunctional devices and managing of technical service business. I worked for Xerox, Konica Minolta etc. in different countries. This experience gave me a lot of knowledge but also it teaches how to keep your way of thinking in the templates provided by companies and to generate the ideas within the frame of company agenda and hierarchy. But the product with its potential, customer with his needs, market and socio-political situation require flexibility, creativeness, and out-of-box thinking.

Here I want to start my posts with the story how the products in my portfolio, COVID situation and my customers and other people in my life changed my viewpoint and the way of thinking. I would appreciate your comments and your stories. And if my example or my products makes somebody’s life a little but easier, I will be happy.

My next post will be about COVID, schools, students and their parents.

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